Interesting survey in this article

"A survey by the American Press Institute from 2018 looked into news consumption behaviors and found that 4 in 10 Americans scanned headlines several times a day. We scan. We scroll. We browse. And we do it all the time, filling each available moment with finger and mouse movements. Of course, we sometimes eventually click and read something too. But it’s getting more and more difficult to make this decision: to decide what content is worthy of reading in full. The fact that we are exposed to so much content makes the selection process cumbersome, time-consuming and frustrating."

So how as a content creator can we make sure I click on your content? 

The solution isn't an app, the solution is understanding humans.

We are bombarded with content on social media, but we know most of it is rubbish, one CEO said to us "90% of content on Linkedin is b!@@£$ks" and we think he's right! 

But an app isn't going to sort that for you, there are actually plenty of apps that will sort content and curate it for you, I use flipboard

What About The Psychology?

We did some research, by posting on social media to see what results you get and we came up with this pyramid of content.

If you think about it, this is common sense, we hate advertising and corporate content so much we ignore and and scroll past it.  We love hearing about people, which is why authored content and humanised content works the best.

I need to add a side note, I know that your VP of sales posts something and then sends an email around asking you to like it.  Actually that is a "random act of social" and does not prove it has a lot of engagement.  If you analyze the post, it will be liked by people from within the Sales VP network, the people who like it won't have been taught how to grow their network.  Most of the people who liked it network will be recruitment consultants and x colleagues, so you are pretty much talking to yourself.

Please send your Sales VP to me if you get asked to do this, you are pretty much wasting your time.  

How to Do Content So The Business Actually Gets Something From Your Investment

Spend some time doing this, you will reap the rewards, guaranteed. 

1. First you need a great Linkedin profile.  Think about the needs of your audience and work back from there.  Your prospects and clients do not need the world's best salesperson they need somebody to help them.  Your Linkedin profile is your shop window and should show case you 24 hours a day.  The days that Linkedin was a CV have long gone.

Don't forget, people don't like being sold to, so this isn't about your company or your products, that pushes people away. 

Check out these examples

Eric Doyle

Vanessa Gartell

Sam Oxley

Adam Gray

2. You need a network (not contacts).  The average person on Linkedin has 903 contacts and they will be x colleagues and recruitment consultants.  You need to be connected to the people you want to influence.  Your prospects, your target accounts, your customers, the people influential in your markets.  Remember that in B2B the trick is to be memorable.

There are many reasons for this, but one is that 1 to 1 relationships, phone calls for example, don't scale.

3. Finally you need content.  When somebody comes to your Linkedin profile, you need content to show people what you stand for.   Please don't share boring corporate content, nobody is interested.  Also let's not forget that "people buy people" so why not share humanised content about yourself, here is an example. 

How Do I Create Content That Generate Leads and Meetings?

This is Eric, he's one of the team at DLA Ignite the post took him 10 minutes to create. 

You will see a lot of content like this on Linkedin, there is nothing new in this.  Accept, Eric posts strategically.  Eric got 6 C-Level meetings off the back of this post.

He knows why he is posting something, better still he has the DLA Ignite social selling methodology behind it that enables him to strategically get meetings off the back of it.

Next time you see people post on Linkedin, (your marketing department, your sales VP, your colleagues) ask them how many C-Level meetings they get off the back of it?  If the answer is zero, send them to me.

There you have it, how to get a return on content.

Just think about if you scaled this across your sales and marketing teams, the difference that would make across your pipeline? 

Where Do We Go From Here?

Just give me, or one of the DLA Ignite team and hour of your time and we can walk you through what we are doing for other companies.  No hard sell, just take you through what other companies are doing to transform.

Please contact me here or one of the DLA Ignite team here, so please pick one of our industry experts or one of our experts in your geographical locality.  Our website is here.