I've noticed recently some posts appearing on my LinkedIn feed from my LinkedIn Groups that I am a member of.  This is pretty strange as I had heard nothing from these groups in a year or two after LinkedIn resigned them to a tough to find back page of their site.

There was a group out there for everyone, no matter what your interest but these groups pretty much all but died.  I also read recently that these groups of like minded professionals starting trying to run their groups in places like Facebook instead but that it did not really do for them what the old LinkedIn groups did.

So it looks like enough people have said they want groups back and LinkedIn have delivered.

I have seen a lot of our clients use LinkedIn groups really successfully in the past.  They are great for B2B networking and indeed for driving business development.  Experts can use them as a place to educate, communicate and ultimately position themselves as subject matter experts ... not to the world, but to the 50, 100, 150 people in the world they really want to influence.

So when you create any new expert insights, share to LinkedIn as usual but also find those really key groups and share to them as well.

The groups revival is only getting going so there is a great opportunity for those early "re-adopters".