We had the pleasure of co-hosting an event with Lexology yesterday with Pippa Lindsay presenting on "How to get in front of the people that matter".

Pippa and the Lexology team delivered an excellent presentation that demonstrated how legal firms can make use of data to drive and refine their content creation efforts. Placing a strong focus on what people within your industry are looking to learn more about is a great way to tailor your content to your clients and prospects.

Being deliberate and targeted in your efforts allows you to create content that serves your audience and provides valuable information on the key issues and developments that are happening in your world.

When looking to next create content, try asking yourself the following:

1. Who Matters to You?

Once that spark happens and the creative juices get flowing, it is easy to get carried away with writing your expert insight. In particular, those who produce a lot of content, may not be considering precisely who their audience is. 

With this in mind, it is always worth taking a moment to think about which individuals in particular, that you wish to target. Content engagement is not about vanity metrics but in fact about targeting those few key individuals that you wish to influence. 

2. What Can You Offer Them?

When considering point one, how do you narrow your influence down even further?

Anthony Rosen of Bird & Bird shared that, through being the first to deliver a relevant insight on trending topics to your client adds great value to their world. It demonstrates that not only you may have the same concerns as them, but you are also on top of it as a leading expert.

To conclude, always have that key audience in front of mind and think about how you can provide value through your content. By writing content to serve your clients and future clients you are able to position yourself as a contributor and leader in your industry.