So many LinkedIn profiles were set up as CVs to support a job hunt you had sometime in your life.  It's obvious when you were job hunting as up until that point you will have written a description about each job and reached out and got endorsements.

Your Linkedin profile, now needs up-dating.  Some people call it a personal brand, but it's more about creating a digital footprint that reflects you.  Why?

Because, we all check each other out on social.  You do it, I do it, our clients do it, our prospects do it.  And it's time to update yours.

Now don't get suckered into thinking this is all about selling, it isn't.  Don't forget, I don't care about what you sell, or the company you work for.  I'm looking for the you!  Why you do something, what is it that gets you up in the morning.  It's also not about who you think I want you to be, be authentic!  The more authentic you can be the better.

Why do I want to know that?  I might employ you, LinkedIn isn't your CV, it's about being you.  I might want to buy something from your company.  I don't need a brochure, I need to understand the real authentic you!  How will you help me?  If your LinkedIn profile is a CV or a walking brochure, I just assume you are a "robo person" looking to sell me something then disappear into the sunset!

And as for somebody without a social profile as one of my friends said "anybody without a social media profile is weird, they obviously have something to hide!"