We are exhibiting at the Digital Marketing Show today (stand B66). I'm going to try and report here on some of the talks I've attended today and yesterday.

The Digital Marketing Show's Content Hub Theatre kicked off with a very interesting talk on 'The business case for content', led by Mark Sallows and Gareth Case.

The section that stuck with me most was Gareth's question to the audience:

'how many of you sit with sales at work?'

About a third of the audience put up their hands. Not enough.

Gareth made the case that marketers should spend more time with sales people, and particularly, that they should go with them to meet clients. How should marketing be optimised if it doesn't have access to client feedback directly?

I heard a keynote yesterday at the PSMG annual conference by Harriet Creamer in which she bemoaned the fact that KP teams and BD teams rarely met and collaborated.

In both cases it seems clear that company managers should actively foster these collaborations rather than keeping them in ineffective silos.