We're almost at the half way point of results season, with 46 of the top 100 UK law firms announcing their FY15 figures. So how is the market performing so far? Well...

  • Total revenue is up 3% from £14.5m to £14.9m. This is slightly down on the 4% growth the same 46 firms enjoyed at this point 12 months ago
  • 23 firms have delivered more growth in FY15 than they did in FY14, while 18 have grown at a slower pace
  • The regional and national firms have performed better this year than last year, growing at 11% in FY15, compared to 6% in FY14. Revenues are up from £783m to £868m
  • London firms continue to perform strongly, keeping growth steady at 11%, the same as last year. Revenue increased from £528m to £584m
  • International firms, however, have only only increased revenue by 2%, from £13.2bn to £13.4bn. This is down from the 4% growth they showed last year

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