There's been a lot of debate recently about how innovative law firms are (they're not, in case you're wondering). This article about Pret A Manger is a great read for anyone who wants to understand exactly what innovation is and how it should be done properly.

Some key lessons for law firms (and anyone else in fact) that come out of it:

  • Innovation has to be part of your DNA. You can't just decide to be innovative. Pret splits the company between 'Best of Pret', which keeps the things they do well and 'Pioneering Pret', which looks at innovation
  • There need to be guidelines to operate within. Any new ideas have to fit in with key Pret guidelines, such as price barriers, ease of production and the customer journey
  • Don't make a big song and dance about it. Rather than tell everyone how innovative they are (like law firms do), Pret shows them by regularly launching new products as the normal course of business in an understated way

And Pret A Manger aren't doing to badly, are they?