Long COVID speaks as much to the management of the rest of this pandemic as the residual symptoms of the illness.

Festive music playing as I write this feels dissonant in the wake of the year that has been.  Yet I have determinedly prepared for Christmas. I have much to be thankful for, my family & friends are safe and well, I still have a job!  

My thoughts are with those who have not been so fortunate, and it seems selfish to complain when I know so many people are grieving their lost loved ones and livelihoods-yet acknowledging the emotional fatigue from the past year is essential to stay strong for what-ever comes next.   

We don’t always realise the power we have to share our positive energy with others.  Whether we are leaders of others, or just  managing ourselves, this article provides timely inspiration. Best Wishes to everyone for Christmas and a better 2021. Rest, revive, repeat.