In photography and design, there is a well-understood concept where the image is broken down into thirds. Each third becomes an important part of the image and is a guide for where to place your subject.

The same is true for snackable content. Each third of your post contains an important and unmissable piece of your insight as a whole.

Firstly, a good post needs context.

Why are you writing the post, where did the idea come from and why is it relevant?

Second, the point.

The whole purpose of the post. It might be a statistic, something learned from an event or an industry development. Whatever it is - this is the meat of the content sandwich. Don't skimp.

Finally, the opinion.

This is your opportunity to add value for your reader. What does your statistic or learning mean, why is your point important for the reader and what should they do about it?

Just as in design and photography, the rule of thirds isn't hard and fast - but it is a great guideline if you are writing your first posts or trying to improve.