It is Monday lunchtime and my content deadline is fast approaching (the newsletter content must be in by 3pm or I let our marketing manager Claire and the rest of my team down). I was tempted to flag it this week but I haven't.  Why?

How do I find the time to post content?  Well the post below by Philip Calvert sums it up nicely.  I know - like Philip does - that regularly sharing content with my clients and prospects is part of what I do and what I must do to achieve my goals. It is not an add-on or a nice to have. The posts of my colleagues and myself about B2B content marketing are part of what we offer as a service; or as Philip puts it - part of our business proposition.  It also helps us with business development, with deepening the relationships we have with our clients, and of course as a great way to learn more all the time. 

I prioritise it.  That is how I produce regular content.  

It also really helps that its easy to create, I get cool feedback and we have the weekly newsletter as a  deadline event  :)